Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Scene

It should not have surprised us to learn, given our readership demographics, that many of our loyal readers seem to be living in caves. We just got an inquiry from one of them wanting to know what a BFF is and how one can tell whether one’s BFF at work is  ride-or-die. After scouring The Google, we found that The Scene has put together a short video that brilliantly shows the many ways you can confirm whether or not your favorite coworker is your office BFF who's down for whatever. There is a cameo performance at the mid-point that is like totally stellar.

If you’re not familiar with The Scene, you should be. We log onto it everyday for all the latest on just about everything. It’s what your young people call a happening place. And it’s like you know the best thing your old people can do for themselves to keep themselves young. If you dig my meaning. Seriously, it's groovy.

Link to The Scene’s BFF at Work Video

Link to The Scene's Home and Sign-Up Page

Link to Feeling Groovy

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