Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Caution re Costco Concierge Service: Don't Waste Your Time With It

[Prefatory Note: A loyal reader sent in this story he just had with Costco Concierge service. While we very much would like to give him credit for the valuable lesson he is imparting, he has asked to remain anonymous. This submission replicates the email he sent to Costco. It is edited only to make it a bit more readable than the original.]

"I received this Samsung TV about 6 days ago. It worked perfect until today, when the volume button on the remote stopped working. I phoned the Concierge service and, while the person was very nice, it was a total waste of time. She knew nothing about the TV. She then went to connect me to Samsung, but after saying there would be a “short 2-3 minute hold,” I waited over 20 minutes, only for her to come back on the line to say she could not get through without a serial number even though, as I explained, my TV shows as being registered on the Samsung website. She then asked me for the serial number again and said she would put me on a “short 2-3 minute hold” and try again. When I asked would this be another 20+ minute hold, she said, “Samsung is experiencing long wait times.” I asked if she had any way of getting through to Samsung faster than I might alone. When she said, “no,” I told her never mind, I would try myself.

"I called Samsung and was connected with a tech in about 1 minute. Within 5 minutes, she had the problem figured out as the remote’s having come un-paired with the TV, and it took 10 seconds for me with her instruction to re-pair the remote with the TV. She never asked me for a serial number either because she didn’t need it or because she could see my TV was registered on the Samsung website. 

"I’ve learned a valuable lesson: At least for this kind of circumstance, Costco Concierge service is a complete waste of time. In this instance, a lot of time. I think Costco might be in fact wasting money on providing the Concierge service. I know in the past when I had a computer problem the Concierge rep actually knew something about the computer and was able to get the right HP rep on the line quickly. It seems those days have passed. I’m not trying to be critical. Rather, I’m trying to be helpful because I LOVE Costco and I LOVE this TV, but I hate to see Costco wasting its money and resources to offer a supposed premium service that isn’t worth anything.

"Thank you for your attention to this matter."

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