Thursday, June 29, 2017

Computer Help (Phoenix)

The Computer Group is a Phoenix based company that can address any computer need you might have from networking issues, to cabling, to computer repairs. They work with both businesses and residences, are exceedingly professional, and really know what they are doing. Given their expertise and the difficult problems they are able to solve, their charges are quite reasonable. 

By way of example, suppose you are looking to buy a new residence. The current owner has internet service but no cable television or land-line phone service. Everyone will tell you: "No problem. Cox will be able to run cable anywhere you want." Heed that advice and you're likely in for a shock. You could just as easily have Cox drill into an electric line or water pipe or worse, and Cox might not even be able to figure out how to get cable to where you want your televisions or how to get Cat-5 to where you want your computers (and if you don't think an ethernet connection is better than wi-fi for your computers, you need more help than you might think).

So, whether you need cabling help, or data recovery, repairs or upgrades, virus removal, network cabling, or audio/video help, contact Shannon: 602-616-4060 /

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