Thursday, June 22, 2017

Customizing and Managing Screens on an Android

Your Android phone comes with four home screens by default, and
you can add more, up to a total of seven. You can also
rearrange the home screens in a different order.

1. From the Home screen, pinch the screen.
– or –
Touch and hold an empty space on the screen.

2. Use these options to manage screens:

• Add a screen: Scroll to the end of the screens, and then tap
on a screen to add it.

• Remove a screen: Touch and hold on a screen, and then
drag it to the Remove icon.

• Set a screen as the main home screen: Tap at the
top of a screen. This screen displays when you press the
Home Key.

• Change the order of screens: Touch and hold on a screen,
and then drag to a new position

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