Friday, June 9, 2017

Mascots (2016)

If you liked Best in Show or Christopher Guest movies in general, you will like this. If you didn't like Best in Show or Christopher Guest movies, you need serious help. The only shortcoming of Mascots is that it is much a re-make of Best in Show. Indeed, with the exception of Eugene Levy, just about the whole cast has re-appeared, although many look a bit different. It has many funny lines, including some cute character switcheroo twists from Best in Show, such where Ed Begley, Jr., who was the hotel manager who wouldn't give Eugene Levy the room he thought he had reserved, in Mascots hedoesn't get the room he thought he had reserved. Parker Posey is terrific even though she looks strikingly different. Actually, the whole cast is good. It's a shame Catherine O'Hara is missing but Jennifer Coolidge makes a wonderful pairing with Bob Balaban. Finally, if you are not familiar with the world of mascots, this is truly an educational movie--as much of a documentary as Best in Show was. It's 4K on Netflix.

IMDb Link to Mascots

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