Sunday, June 11, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S5: Reasons to Buy and Tips in Using

We've now had our new Samsung Galaxy S5 for over 10 days, and could not be more pleased. Indeed, because soon you likely won't be able to find one anywhere, we bought a second one just to have as a back-up. Here are some reasons to consider one and some tips if you have one:

1. While not available from carriers anymore, you can get a carrier-branded new S5 for about $200 on Amazon. Try to be sure the phone you order is sold and fulfilled by Amazon because of its flexible return policy compared to some third-party sellers.

2. I'm sure the newer flagship models for $600 to $800 have superior features, but for most users, the S5's features are way beyond good-enough. They're terrific.

3. If you want a 6" or larger screen, the S5 is not for you. But if you'd just as soon not lug around a big hunk of phone, the S5's 5" screen size (which is extremely bright and crisp) is way beyond just-fine.

4. No longer are phones made with removable batteries. The S5's battery is removable. This has many great advantages and potentially huge cost savings.

5. With its rapid charging cable, the S5 charges EXTREMELY fast, e.g., it will go from 20% to 100% in an hour. It's battery life is good as well.

6. The S5 navigates extremely fast. And if you remove or disable the stock apps you'll never use, it will navigate even faster and your battery life will improve. It's really easy to remove or disable: Just go to the App section, click on Uninstall/Remove, and then touch the icon whose app you want to uninstall.

7. It's easy to learn to use and highly customizable.

8. It's water-resistant and water-proof to an extent.

9. You almost never have to deal with settings. You can have what you need to access available with one swipe down on the Home screen.

10. One click and a tap will eliminate all apps running in the background.

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