Thursday, June 8, 2017

Samsung Television Support

Samsung television support, while not blip-less (anecdotally speaking, two of three reps are excellent--one in three not so good), is awfully good. An email question sent in the morning typically will be answered by the end of the day. You can schedule a call right on your television and you will receive it at the time promised. But most impressive, you can get through to telephone support in under a minute and they'll take control of your television and begin troubleshooting within 30 seconds. No bugging you for a bunch of useless information, at least as long as you've registered your television online and given them the phone number you will be calling in on. While the serial number is on the back of the television, the print is so small that, even with a magnifying glass and flashlight, it is difficult to read. No worries: You can find it in the television's menu.  

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