Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wall Oven Secrets Revealed

Anyone who ever has had a wall-oven cannot go back to an under-counter oven. Amazingly, many people think that a wall-oven has to be vented. It does not. So, if you have space for a wall-oven you can build one in. And if you have space for a single wall-oven, you have space for a double-wall oven. Or, if you have an under-counter oven, you can add a single wall oven wherever you have space and use the under-counter oven for your second oven.

Here is what a single wall-oven looks like just "placed" on a counter:

Image result for single wall oven

Here is what a double wall-oven that fits in a single wall-oven space just "placed" on a counter looks like:

 Image result for ge double wall oven that fits in single wall oven space

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