Thursday, June 29, 2017

West Elm (Phoenix)

West Elm has just opened a store in Uptown Plaza which has gone through quite a remodeling and upgrading (although they still don't get it when it comes to making the parking lot safer). West Elm furniture is quite nice and not outrageously priced. And, while you can for now during their "grand opening" get a bigger discount (20%) in the store compared to shopping on line (15%), if you over the age of 40, do NOT go into the store. It's akin to going into a hip-happening clothes-store for teenagers who have to be immersed in loud awful music. Even if your sales person is not a low-talker, you're going to have trouble hearing what they say. 

PS: If you happen to see an item (e.g., a night stand) with a label stating an incorrect price (e.g., $199 instead of $299), don't make the mistake one couple made today of buying just two. West Elm will honor the posted price, so buy hundreds, keep two and sell the rest on eBay.

PPS: West Elm offers designer services. Some cost, but you can have an hour of free in-home consultation including paint selection assistance.

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