Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 and Glow Season 1

After slogging through Season 2, half of our Film and Music Entertainment (FAME) Group has said, "No mas!" There are some terrific moments and a few people who are captivating, but it was slow and often confusing to the point where one didn't know who was on which side and ultimately one stopped caring. Also, while we had no objection to the Greek tragedy revival of The Graduate (where, to understand the movie, you had to understand that Benjamin's father and Elaine's father were both Benjamin's father, and then the whole thing makes sense and is powerful), we really didn't need to see another Oedipus Rex story. With Boardwalk Empire now in the rear view mirror thankfully, it's on to Season 1 of Glow, which is a look at the personal and professional lives of a group of women who perform for a wrestling organization in Los Angeles. Who doesn't like a good wrestling series, even if it's not as good as a good cheerleader movie.

IMDb Link to Glow

PS: Based on the first two episodes of Glow (which are a half-hour each), it's not the greatest series ever, but it's different and imaginative and entertaining. As an added benefit, if you liked Mad Men, you'll be thrilled to see Pete's wife in the lead role like you've never seen her, having a fling with another Mad Men favorite. It would be better if it were based on roller derby rather than wrestling, but if you want to see something out of the ordinary, Glow is worth watching. It's produced by the same group that did Orange Is the New Black.

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