Sunday, July 2, 2017

Challenge to GOP Female Senators

As our loyal readers know, we don't do politics here. But this Sunday's Arizona Republic published a letter that so impressed us in its clarity and imagination and thinking outside-the-box that we decided to reprint it here (without attribution):

"The female Republican Senators, who statedly are appalled by President Trump, actually stand in a position where they could do something. Specifically, if  just three of them changed their party affiliation from Republican to Independent, and agreed to caucus with the Democrats, they could save our country and the world from the unhinged egomaniacal misogynist now occupying the Oval Office. They could yield great power, would not have to abandon any of their core ideological beliefs, and be able to face their constituencies and their children with a cleansed conscience. They would be, truly, profiles in courage, who would shine a cleansing light on the Republicans who made their Faustian bargain and seem glued to it to their own horror."

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