Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Furniture to Convert One Room Into Three Rooms of the Same Size

If you have one small room, and want to us it as a bedroom, an office, and a social room, the Ori System is for you. It is REALLY COOL!! Here is what it looks like with the bed out and as an office:

Image result for ori systems

But here's the key: the bed can slide back under the cabinet and the whole cabinet with bed can slide up against the wall. All the movements can be handled electronically or manually. Watch the video on the link below and be blown away and the How It Works page on the second link below:

Link to Ori Systems Furniture

Link to How It Works

PS: There's on glitch: It looks like Ori is selling them now only to developments and not to individuals. Rest assured, our Get It Now (GIN) group is on them like a cheap suit on a hot day to get them to start individual sales. In addition, GIN has brought this furniture to West Elm's attention, and they are going to explore the possibility of a distribution relationship with Ori Systems. 

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