Saturday, July 15, 2017

Gypsy Season 1/Episode 1 and Friends From College Season 1/Episode 1 (Both on Netflix)

Some might think it's not fair to judge a drama series based on the first 90 seconds of the first episode, but our Fine Arts Department (FAD) is bold and relentless, and does not shy from being accused of unfairness. FAD hated Friends From College (2017). FAD found it sophmoric, and a crass appeal to fake hipness. 

Although in bad mood, and expecting not to like anything, FAD took a look at Gypsy. Clair Danes might have been perfect for the lead, but Naomi Watts is terrific. The story is dark, a little unpredictable, imaginatively crafted, and engrossing. If you've ever done any therapy, and wondered what your therapist was thinking, stay away. No, don't stay away. It's truly refreshing to have a drama series with real people acting like real people do and talking like real people do. 

IMDb Link to Gypsy

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