Monday, July 31, 2017

Ozark (Netflix Episodes 2-3)

Our Fine Arts Department (FAD) gave a very positive review upon watching the first episode of Ozark. It is with great pleasure that it now can report that, unlike Gypsy which followed an excellent first episode with increasingly bad ones to the point it''s like watching a Lifetime movie or worse, episodes 2 and 3 of Ozark are pretty pretty good, giving hope for a season worth watching. The characters are original and fascinating, and many of the scenes are written with great originality. Many of the attempts at persuasion are done in ways one has never seen, and the story keeps your attention because it is almost impossible to know what's often in the minds of the participants. The plot might be one that many watchers do not have first-hand knowledge of having experienced, but be assured from someone who does, that it's truer-to-life than one might imagine. The acting by everyone is superb. And unlike other series where you have to slog or fast-forward through the same pre-new-episode-intro every time, each such intro to Ozark is new and part of the story. 

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