Friday, July 28, 2017

Prediction, Not Politics

We don't do politics here. But our readers relish predictions, especially about predictions the future. We cannot guarantee this will happen, but it could, and if does, Katy bar the door: Trump's moving Kelly from Home Land Security to Chief of Staff creates an open cabinet position; that allows Trump to move Sessions from DOJ to HLS, while avoiding the problems he would face in firing Sessions; then Trump can name a new AG on a recess-appointment basis who does not have to recuse himself; and then Trump orders that new AG to fire Mueller. While that might create a bit of a constitutional crisis, and even the Republicans might do something beyond registering feigned expressions of "disappointment," if Trump is guilty of money laundering for the Russians, and is so heavily indebted to Russian banks that his business empire collapses if they were to "foreclose," his so doing can be seen in rational self-interest.

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