Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tips on Renting Vacation Homes

Here are some questions you might ask before agreeing to rent a vacation home:

1. Are there any noisy things (e.g., garbage trucks, lawn mowers) that come by early in the morning within earshot of the master bedroom.

2. Even if the description of the house says the kitchen has everything one would expect in a fully-equipped kitchen, does that include aluminum foil and/or clear wrap and pot holders?

3. Why is the cleaning fee the same for 2 people staying for 3 days as it would be for 10 people staying for 15+ days?

4. Are there any pencils or pens in the house and, if there is a pencil, does it work?

5. Are there any noisy neighbors?

6. If anyone in your party is allergic to cats, have there been any cats in the place?

7. How steep is the driveway?

8. If the place has a magnificent view of the Mediterranean, how difficult is the walk into and back from town?

9. What do we do if there is a problem with the AC?

10. What do we do if the The Open Championship is on and the TV does not get CBS?

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