Monday, July 10, 2017

Trump and Those Darn Russians

As our loyal readers know, we do not do politics here. But, because tech and consumer issues often are impacted by externalities, we have decided to share the conclusions that were just reached and released by our World Trends Faculty (WTF):

WTF has sadly come to the conclusion that there are only two possible “explanations” for Trump’s “stance” on Russia, the Russians, and Putin (namely, the categorical denials he has made on behalf of himself and the higher ups in his campaign and administration that neither he nor they have had any dealings with Russia--see Link to Trump's Categorical Blanket Denials as well as his platform change on the Ukraine, his reluctance to accept U.S. intelligence re Russian hacking of the election, etc. etc.):

1. The More Benign: Trump’s “empire” is so dependent on Russian financing (from Russian oligarchs or banks or whatever) that, if they pull the plug, he would be ruined financially.

2. The Less Benign: In the alternative, or maybe in addition, Putin has something really really bad on Trump.

By way of explanation, WTF came to this conclusion reluctantly. It did so only by a rigorous process of elimination, namely, no other possible "explanation" WTF could conceive of made any sense.

PS: How to know if the Russians are coming: Link to How to Know If the Russians Are Coming

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