Saturday, July 1, 2017

West Elm Update (Two Cautions, Good News, and Great News)

Caution 1: If you buy a furniture set (e.g., bed, night-stands, mattress), unless you take prophylactic or corrective steps, the various components will not be shipped and delivered at the same time. 

Caution 2: White-glove treatment is not on a furniture set basis. Rather, it is on a furniture piece basis. For example, if you bought a bed and two night stands and paid for white-glove treatment, it will apply to the bed but not necessarily to the night-stands.

Good News: As a result of a suggestion that management was very pleased to have received, the music volume (at least in the Phoenix Uptown Plaza store) has been lowered substantially, so even senior citizens can now enjoy their in-store WE shopping experience, which no longer is akin to a teen-age hip-happening clothing store or arcade.

Great News: If you have any issue with WE, the have absolutely the best and most responsive customer service ever! They truly listen and will work with a customer to ensure the customer has a fantastic WE experience. Our Consumer Affairs Department (CAD) rates WE No. 1 on customer service of all merchants of all kinds in the world.

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