Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Endorsement for Google Wifi (Home Mesh Network)

Our readers are the most discerning consumers (which is why they subscribe to this blog) and the most difficult to please. A short time ago, we gave a very favorable review to Google Wifi. Here is the review we just received from a loyal subscriber: "Thanks for the tip on Google Wifi. It has greatly improved the internet reception and speed in our house. I bought the set of 3, and could probably even speed things up further if I added one more unit, but so far, it is working fine, and we can easily stream videos or music anywhere in the house, without dropping off or buffering.  It was also incredibly easy to set up, and you can easily monitor the reception and speed being delivered anywhere in the house via the Google Wifi app. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve internet reception in their home." 

As an fyi, we live for this kind of feedback! As explained in this short clip from Annie Hall, everyone needs the eggs: Video Clip From End of Annie Hall

What the Google Wifi system looks like:


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