Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Parlor (Phoenix)

The food is still very good, but watch out for the noise. One patron who ate there quite recently sent them an email that read as follows: "I’ve been eating at the Parlor since it opened. I love the food, both the variety and how everything tastes. The place is lovely and the parking is great. That said, my last two visits—one at dinner and one at lunch—have been unbearable because of the noise level. While the place was filled at dinner, it was not at lunch today, yet the music was so loud that we could not hear ourselves sitting next to each other at a table. At dinner, none of the four of us sitting across from each other in a booth could hear each other. I am not complaining in that I totally understand that I might be alone on this issue and you have the complete right to set the ambiance any way you want. But I thought I’d be helpful in reporting this feedback in case I’m not alone. In all events, when the weather is such that sitting outside is possible, I shall return because, as noted, the food is so good."

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