Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Parlor PS (Phoenix)

Yesterday, we did a post on the noise level at the Parlor, and included our email bringing the matter to management's attention. Today, the following interchange took place, which is heartening:

Email From Alice on Behalf of The Parlor: "I always appreciate any feedback my customers may have for us.  You are not alone. Most recently we have switched the music provider that we use and are trying very hard to dial in the system.  We have learned that some of the songs can be a bit louder than others.  That being said, always feel free to ask that the music be turned down.  We are here to try to accommodate everyone the best that we can. Thank you for your support throughout the years.  We hope to see you very soon.  Let me know if I can assist in any other way."

Response to Alice: "1. Thanks for the response. It’s most appreciated. 2. I actually did raise the issue with our server, and she said, “I apologize that it’s so loud, and I agree it’s too loud, but there’s nothing I can do. It won’t be lowered.” I didn’t want to make a fuss there, and that led me almost to not send the email. Then, I thought about it, I figured I owed it to The Parlor,  given how much I enjoy the food, to raise the issue despite what the server had said. Again, thanks."

Reply From Alice: "I'm sorry to hear that. They should absolutely let us know. This is a great opportunity for me to have a chat with everyone about the music etc.  Thank you."

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